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- Why are the prices lower on Mrspeakers USA ?

Simply our prices are not higher, in fact in some cases our prices are lower than Mrspeakers USA.... The prices on are for countries where there is no distributor. A customer from such a country needs transportation to their country of origin and customs clearance rights and pay their own taxes. In countries where there is a Mrspeakers distributor, these costs are already covered. Just see the calculation for one of the products as example below.

Let me just take one example,  the Alpha Dog ;

599 USD price
40 USD + shipping ( minimum cost, normal is 50USD)
------------ +
639 USD total, at 1.30 EURO ( average conversion rate ) is 491 EURO. However, you are liable to pay VAT and in our case this 21 % VAT added, together with the 491 euro this will make a total of 594 euros total including VAT. In most country like the Netherlands you also need to pay a percentage like customs clearance, in our case 3% which will even make the price higher.
So you see will make a profit of 20-40 euro and its for sure not an higher price.

In the above calculation, there is also no account of customs clearance and handling that you have to pay the postal or courier company since they will pay in advance the VAT etc for your account. Which ranges between 10 to 30 euros and thus has the advantage soon will be 45 to 60 euros total.

The prices that we have put down are also guideline prices set by Mrspeakers. Moreover, prices in other countries where a Mrspeakers distributor is can be higher or perhaps a bit lower, due to local exchange rates and VAT.

- Do I need to pay import taxes etc ?

No you don't. Since the products are already in the EU, you don't need to pay any taxes for import or duties, because we already paid them for you;-)

- Who are we?

We are official distributor for Mrspeakers in Europe and are located in The Netherlands and also distribute other famous brands in Audio.

- Warranty , where should I go ?

You buy your product at Sonority and warranty is therefore settled in accordance with Dutch consumer law. Your benefit, not weeks lost and high costs to sedn and return from the USA if a defect might occur to your product. Sonority will handle your warranty issues. If you in the end still bought a product at, you need to send your device back to the USA. Only products bought at our website or showroom will be covered by our warranty.

- How much is shipping?

Products are shipped mostly all free or for a low rate (we pay most of the time part of shipping), besides accessories where there is a shippingrate!! When bundled products are bought  than you offcourse only once shippingcost...